About Us

Founded in 1997, IHVP is the brainchild of Dr Praveen Kumar Goel. He is a successful homeopath and an innovator who came up with the idea of treating incurable diseases in animals through homeopathic medicines.

Having treated similar conditions in humans effectively, he formulated products designed for animals. In his journey of the animal healthcare revolution, he was supported by his wife, Dr Indu Goel, who is a homeopath herself.


Indian Homoeo Vet Pharmaceuticals strives to be a front runner in the ever-growing Indian homoeopathic pharmaceutical industry by formulating high-quality homeopathic medicines for animals.

We believe agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy, and healthy livestock is an essential component for farming in India. Our vision is to improve the productivity of milk-producing animals and livestock.

Retained Placenta

Retained placenta is the failure of the placenta to be expelled within 12 hours post-calving.

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Repeat Breeding

Any kind of reproductive problem ultimately leads to reproduction failure.

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Genital Prolapse

Genital prolapse is a common reproductive disorder in cattle.

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Cattle can suffer abnormalities during pregnancy leading to early termination of pregnancy called as abortion.

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Veterinary Homeopathy is SUPPORTIVE to Conventional Medicines